Thursday, February 04, 2010

Erhard BMW provides exceptional customer service

It was 4:01 PM this last Saturday. I pulled my car, with the horrible clanging shocks, up to the service entrance. I knew Erhard's BMW service department closed at 4, but I was hopeful that someone could at least tell me if it was dangerous to drive the car.

Now, most businesses that close at a certain time don't let any new customers in after that time.The workers have put in a full day and they lock the doors right at closing time. But not Erhard, they are in the customer service business and nothing was more important to them than me. Or at least that is how they made me feel.

I not only had my car taken on a test drive and put on a hoist (thank you Sam) but they arranged for me to take a loaner car. Late on a weekend day it would seem impossible to offer me a loaner car. But they found one. By the way the new BMW was awesome!

What this meant was that everybody had to stay late on a weekend night.
And to a person they never made me feel like they were doing me a favor. You may know what I mean by that. The service provider says "Well, (sigh) I guess I can help you, (sigh) but only this once. You know you are here after closing time."

Erhard's team treated me like a valued guest. In fact they acted as if I showed up first thing in the morning. I was never made to feel guilty for making them stay late.

I love this dealership. They continually exceed my expectations.

What are you doing to exceed YOUR customer's expectations? Take a tip from the Erhard team and go the extra mile.

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Tej said...

I agree with you 100%. Sam is so nice and I got to know him after I had him come with me in my car on the highway to find out why I still was getting vibration in the steering wheel at 80 mph after replacing 1 front bent rim. He told his mechanic to look at the wheels properly and they found that the other rim was bent slightly too by looking at it carefully and rebalancing the wheel. This makes me happy that they spend time carefully with each customer and listen to their complaints no matter what. Sam told me that everyone knows their own car very well. I am impress with Erhard 100%.