Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do You REALLY want Kevin Smith to be Your Spokesperson?

My guess is the answer is a resounding "NO!" especially if you are Southwest Airlines.

Recently Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he was too fat. He started tweeting about it, and I mean tweeting non-stop.

When Kevin Smith tweets, people listen. People like CNN, TMZ, People Magazine and Larry King. People who are more than happy to share Smith's story of bad customer service.

All of a sudden, Southwest had to start handling a public relationship nightmare. They now are in the position of having to try to overcome tons of bad publicity.

The whole notion of bigger customer's having to buy two seats has been in the news recently. But this is different. This is a man who fit in his seat without having to have the buckle extender.

It of course makes you wonder how many other people have had to deal with this embarrassing situation. Smith was mortified to have to take the walk of shame off the plane. Yes he is a celebrity, but NO ONE should have to be taken off a plane in this way.

In his smodcast Smith says...
"There is no customer service whatsoever left, I am not going to say in this whole country...
But how do you show that little interest in somebody who like holds sway over your ...job?"

He has a great point. All of us, not just celebrities, holds sway over the jobs of the people who serve us.

Now I am not saying that anyone should lose their job over this incident. Just that if you are in the customer service business you really should provide exceptional customer care.

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