Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rules Are Rules, But Where is the Humanity?

Terri Wessinger wanted a new life in Idaho but a run in with U.S.Air turned that dream into a nightmare.

"She had nothing but an airline ticket and $30 in her pocket," reported Michael Finney of ABC news affiliate KGO. Since she had not flown in awhile she was shocked to find that there was a $60 fee for her baggage. She offered to pay for her bag upon landing, but her offer was declined. She was also told she couldn't leave her bag, so she ended up stranded at the airport for eight days. Finally she was rescued by the Airport Church of Christ who raised money to help her get to Idaho.

Yes, it is the passengers responsibility to pay for her luggage. Those are the rules. But, I am horrified that not a single person at US Air could be human enough to make an exception. It is not that Ms. Wessinger wanted a free ride. She wanted to pay once she got to her location. It would have been easy enough to hold her luggage in Idaho until she paid its ransom, er baggage fees.

When a company stops thinking creatively to help solve a customer's problem you have to wonder if that is an airline you want to do business with. Even if a company has no heart they should at least consider the REALLY REALLY bad publicity that happens when the press gets wind of your inflexible policies. Yes, they got the bag fees plus the $150 in change fees, but what did that cost them in public opinion?

All in all not a smart move any way you look at it.


CCelli73 said...

That sounds like a horrible situation to be in, no matter how you look at it. If it was me, I would think, this is someones mother or sister, or this could be me in this situation. How would I want to be treated? What that airline did was abusive, not to mention inhuman. I also understand there are policies, but sometimes, like in this case, they are meant to be broken...CC

Laurie Brown said...

I couldn't agree with you more!