Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An open letter of apology to Nordstrom counter staff

I am writing to you to apologize for my rude behavior yesterday. My girlfriend and I were looking for makeup, came up to your counter and interrupted the conversation that the three of you were having with one another. Yes, my mother raised me better than that. She did tell me it was disrespectful to interrupt a conversation. But, you know me, I just had to find out about the eye shadow your company sells.

Now, I am sure your conversation must have been important because you were so engrossed that you never even saw us standing there. Maybe you were talking about how Michigan, our state, has been so badly hurt by the recession—perhaps more than any other state in the nation. Or, maybe you were commenting on how Nordstrom, usually very busy, was essentially empty of customers that day. Maybe you were chatting about how if business didn’t pick up, you might all lose your jobs. Whatever it was, we could clearly see your conversation was way more important than us.

The nice thing is, that although we interrupted you, once one of you pointed to the makeup we asked about, you went right back to your conversation.

Here is my promise to you: I will never, ever, ever, bother you again. You can count on it.

Best wishes

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Kate Nasser said...

WOW Laurie .. this is quite a letter. Polite sarcasm at its height to a company very much known for top notch customer service.

When I encounter sales/service staff that ignore me or other customers, I wonder the same thing. What could be so important that you can't put it on hold and attend to the main purpose of your job -- the customer!

Here's a post of mine on customer service blunders. It is rare that I write in the negative yet I saved up the info for one giant shout out. I welcome your insights on this post.

I am going to put your post on Twitter. It speaks volumes in a few paragraphs.

Kate Nasser