Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Truly EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service

I went to a local branch of LaSalle Bank today. I had to deposit a check into my business account. No big deal, but I left my checkbook at home which meant that I didn't have my account number. I searched my purse for a moment and then I gave up. I turned to my friend Karla and said " Oh I am going to have to put this in the ATM, I can't find my account number". You have to understand that I must have said those VERY same words at least a gazillion times in bank lobbies. But today was different. Today I was in Michelle Ingrao's lobby. She said "Can I help you find your account number?" "Er, ah" I stuttered "sure, thanks."

And so she did. I asked how she does that. She explained that she truly doesn't eavesdrop (ok that is a relief) but her ears are tuned into keywords. "Account number" was one of her keywords.

That was a display of really great service. When you can take care of your customer BEFORE they ask for your help you really wow them. And more importantly they talk about you to their friends.

So what are the "keywords" your customer uses? How can you listen for them so that you can be there for them? Find 3 keywords today and give it a try!

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