Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Reject their Rejection

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who owns a very successful business. He was hoping to expand his workforce so he placed an ad in one of those online job listings. He said that he was getting one resume about every 10 minutes. He said that about half of them were qualified for the job. He then said "I am turning them all down." I was shocked. I knew he needed to expand his sales force. He just got through saying fully half of them met his expectations. Yet he was rejecting ALL of them. "Why?" I asked. "I want to see if they continue to pursue the work." " But you just told them that you were rejecting them." "I want them to reject my rejection! If they take 'no' for an answer, without some sort of followup they are not going to be the kind of sales force I need."

Are you accepting "no" from your customers? Or are you rejecting their rejection? Are you following up to find if there is any other information that you could provide them that might change their mind.

Now mind you, I am not advocating stalking your customer until they finally say "YES!" That would be a bit creepy.

But, if you really feel that you have a product or service that meets their needs why not take it a step further. Without being pushy, ask if they need anymore information about you or your product or service.

Reject their rejecting and see what happens! Let me know!

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